How much can we fit into this corner?

We had a spare corner of the laundry and wondered what we could fit into it to provide food and anything else for us and the garden. The area is 1400 mm x 800 mm or 1.12 square metres. Here’s what we grow there… mushrooms (well, they’re coming) enough greens for a meal on rainy days when we don’t want to go outside… microgreens… mealworms (that tower on the side) and isopods (the tubs on the top). That’s not bad, hey?

Bye Mercy!

This afternoon, I found Mercy, our oldest chook dead in the middle of the run. She was coming up on 4 years old. There were no obvious marks or fluids, no sign of a struggle, so I hope it was a painless death. I’ve been remiss in spending time with the girls lately as there have been so many new things to take my time and attention so, besides the normal turn out at feeding times, I haven’t noticed anything amiss. Life is to be celebrated, so I made her final resting place the bottom of the Pepino which she loved to strip the leaves from and eat the fruit of in Summer. It is here that I plan to create a King Stropharia mushroom patch, so it is a good way for her to continue to benefit the garden. I hope her journey is a good one and maybe we’ll meet again as another set of probabilities another time

All during this hot weather we’ve had fungi in the garden

Lots of visible mushrooms, even though they are inedible, means good news. They pop up all over the place and that’s great! It means that we have a decent web of mycelia hroughout the soul and mulch. Mycelia are the nervous system of a garden and if they’re intact and fruiting, it means the garden is healthy. Hooray! share2steem via Instagram

Mycelia madness

I’ve added the fungal spawn I got at Jess’s Intermediate Mushroom Growing workshop to coffee grounds from my favourite cafe. There are Elm and Yellow Oyster mushroom spawn and I found a bag of inoculated grain for White Button Mushrooms that was several years old. The jars and grounds in the microwave for a good 15 minutes to ensure no opposition from other, unseen, competitors. 15 minutes was just a guess, but seemed more than enough. The jars were closed with tight fitting, plastic, lids to stop critters getting in and give the fungi a head start. Then they were left for 5 days in a cool, dark, part of the laundry until the white fuzz of the mycelia could be seen in every jar, ensuring colonization. This ensured there was no transplant shock either. I removed the plastic lids and replaced them with cheesecloth held on by rubber bands and moved them into the temporary greenhouse whyere it is

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