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Ligaya Garden and this website are labours of love. They’re how we live but they do consume a lot of our resources. There’s Internet fees, water and electricity, chook and (yes, Athena, I remembered) dog food, bits and pieces for new projects, maintenance

We gladly accept any small donations that may come our way, so if you’re flush and want to chip in a little for our maintenance and projects, there’s a few ways that you can do it…

We now have a reader supported aspect to Ligaya Garden where your subscription can keep us afloat and enable us to keep producing free content for everyone. Everything that’s on the website for free will remain free and we will keep adding more.

There are perks to being a supporter. In addition to all of the free content, I publish a bi-weekly newsletter for supporters where I explore gardening in more detail and look at how growing your own food can help empower you and your family to be more resilient in these crazy times. I also look at how a home garden can expand and benefit our wider community and shield us from the effects of an economic and political climate that is the antithesis of life.

Another perk for supporters is additional information for most posts that are published. All you will have to do is to log in at the end of the free section and you will get access to increased and more in-depth information on the post’s topic.

Once I get a few more subscribers, I’ll start a periodical zoom get-together where we can discuss issues around food growing that interest us us all.

You will also get free entry to our upcoming Ligaya Garden open days and a discount on workshops too.

I reckon that’s not a bad little package for $5.00 per month (or more if you’d like…)

If you’re doing it tough but would still like to support us regularly, there is an option on the subscription form to enter a custom amount – whatever you’d like to put forward. Your support can be adjusted at any time or even cancelled (though Athena will be sad).

Become a reader-supporter

Get all of the extras mentioned above and more by supporting us with a monthly subscription or donation.

If you’d like to make a one – time donation to support us…

Choose an amount


Or enter a custom amount


Thank you for contributing! We really appreciate you helping out.


Or, if you’re more comfortable with PayPal…

We’re trying Square too…gotta cover all your bases!

or you can just drop something in the mailbox if you’re passing by. Don’t forget to pat Athena while you’re here!

We assure you that any donations will go toward website building, maintenance or development of projects and nothing TOO weird.

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