Other useful plants

Many of our common garden and mainstays can do double, even triple duty as food and medicine when they’re not looking beautiful in the garden. Some plants make for great compost, others are enjoyed by livestock as fodder crops.

We’re always learning about our botanic community, taking new pics and meeting folks who know a lot more than we do, so keep checking your favourite plants on these pages. There’s always more to come!

This page links to pages devoted to ‘other uses’ of some of our favourites and some plants that you may not have thought of as being useful.

Please note that I am a self taught herbalist, I have no formal qualifications in this field beyond experience, observation and private research. These pages are more to inspire you to take up your own research and exploration and not are not intended to be prescriptive. In the case of illness, see a licensed healer.

I’m always researching and updating information on this blog. Currently, I’m working on Moringa, Canna Lily, Snowdrops and Curry Leaf Tree. Keep checking back for pages on those useful plants.

You can learn about more plants that we use on these pages –

Wild foods and medicines

Herbs in the garden

Bushfoods & Bush Medicine

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