Bushfoods & Bush Medicine

While we live in Gawler, most of our knowledge and experience with bushfoods comes from our Ngarrindjeri friends way down South on the Coorong.

For that, I’m indebted to Uncles Neville Gollan, George and Tom Trevorrow who shared their knowledge freely on many a walk and chat around the campfire. Sadly, they’re all deceased now. What I do know about the local plants from a Kaurna perspective has been shared with me by Aunties Cherie Watkins and Veronica Brodie. Another great source of knowledge and inspiration has been our friend and ecologist extraordinaire Joan Gibbs, who taught me how to see the bush more clearly.

To their knowledge, I can add to information that I’ve followed up on, academically, by looking at both old writings from explorers, priests, anthropologists and their ilk.

We’re always learning about our botanic community, taking new pics and meeting folks who know a lot more than we do, so keep checking your favourite plants on these pages. There’s always more to come!

Flowering times are approximate. Plants don’t take a lot of notice of calendars and the changes in our climate are mixing things up a bit. The times we’ve given are from our own experience.

You can learn more about useful wild plants on these pages –

Plants in the Wild

Other Useful Garden Plants

DIanella revolutaBlack Anther Flax Lily

Myoporum insulare


Tetragonia implexicomaBower Spinach (Sea Spinach)

Exocarpus syrticola

Coast Ballart

Leucopogon parviflorusCoastal Bearded Heath

Male Coast Saltbush flowers

Coast Saltbush

Wurmbea dioicaEarly Nancy

Salicornia spGlassworts

Pittiosporum phylliraeoidesGumbi Gumbi

Mesembryanthemum crystallinumIce Plants

Kangaroo Apple

Kangaroo Apple

Rhagodia parabolica

Mealy Saltbush

Burchardia umbellataMilkmaids

Kunzea pomiferaMuntries

Marsilea drummondiiNardoo

Native Cherry

Acrotriche depressaNative Currant

Cut leaf mint

Native Mints

Clematis microphyllaOld Man’s Beard

Carprobrotus rossiiPigface

Disphyma crassifoliumRound-leaved Pigface

Ruby Saltbush

Nitraria billardieri

Salty Grapes (Nitre Bush)

Seaberry Saltbush

Seaberry Saltbush

Cakile spSea Rocket

Cassytha pubescensSnottygobble

Dodonaea viscosaSticky Hop Bush

Billardiera cymosaSweet Appleberry

Acacia gum

Tree Gums

nz spinach

Warrigal Greens (New Zealand Spinach)

Yakka (Grass Tree)