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Ligaya Gardening Tips #7 Encourage fungi

Some of our best garden helpers work unseen. Fungi are at the interface of the organic and inorganic and do so much for our gardens, even those varieties that we can’t eat

Training the Oysters to eat dog poo

We’re getting lots of spent grain and woodchip spawn from Danny at Barossa Gourmet Mushrooms and have been building it up in piles around the garden. We’re benefitting from an extra flush of mushrooms and the critters in the garden are feasting madly on… Continue Reading “Training the Oysters to eat dog poo”

Mycelia from Slape’s

I got two kinds of mushroom spawn, Blue and White Oysters, from Slape’s Mushroom House a couple of weekends ago. The mycelia are growing well, covering the straw at the top of the bags and slowly moving south. About a month from now we… Continue Reading “Mycelia from Slape’s”

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