Some changes

We've just upgraded our WordPress plan so we can improve our website. You may notice some changes to the basic, relaxed format we've used (I'm graphically challenged lol). Marlon has taken over doing the graphics and visuals, so we're expecting some great improvements there.  I'll still be doing content and coding. The biggest change will … Continue reading Some changes

Mamma bird is back

Mother Blackbird had so much success raising her first batch of babies by our front door that she's laid a second batch. It's really encouraging when critters feel safe enough in our garden to raise families.  There was a lot of conflict with blackbirds at first, but we've fortified everything and sometimes leave mealworms and … Continue reading Mamma bird is back

A dodgy bit of electronics for sure.

On the weekend I picked up a whole lot of electronics from a garage sale. Amongst them was a 55 Ah battery, this case and cable. 55 Ah is the size I use in the solar system and its usually best to match sizes to eliminate charging troubles. Luckily this battery has a little bit … Continue reading A dodgy bit of electronics for sure.