The vertical gardening workshop is sold out

I’m happy to say that the free vertical gardening workshop that I’m teaching at the Gawler Environment Centre is sold out! That’s pretty exciting to me! The event is being run at the Gawler Environment Centre (next to the NRM at the Council Chambers on High Street). It’ll be running on Saturday April 27th from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm. It’ll cover a wide range of topics related to vertical gardening and will include some project making and installation. Kathy at the GEC is taking names for the waiting list and maybe, if there’s enough interest, we can run another. You can find the details here on Eventbrite.

Living Smart visit.

Last Saturday (the 6th of April, that is) we had a visit from participants in the Living Smart course held by our friend, Rachel Brdanovich. It was a bit of a squeeze to shoehorn 20 or so people into our garden and make sure they could all see and hear what I was carrying on about. We did it though! I took them on a walk to see the plants and why they were all positioned where they were (yes, there is a plan to it all)! We had to talk over, through and around plants There was a great interest and excitement about it all, especially the plants that folks had never thought about growing or didn’t know had a use. I was glad that Jelina took the day off from her studies to be there and explain some of the uses and benefits of the tropical plants that we have. Her big smile makes everyone happier, it’s her

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Where’s the  ‘How to’s’? 

I’ve been spending a lot of the hot weather redoing some of the blog – new theme, upgraded plan, all that good stuff. While I’ve been at it, I’ve been checking out lots and lots of other people’s blogs.  I’ve noticed that there are soooo many ‘How to…’ posts and videos out there. When I looked at our blog and saw that we have heaps of content showing what we’re doing, but not much on how to do it. A lot of that is because we like to inspire folks to do stuff simply and cheaply but not lecture and carry on about it.  We’ll change that this year (not the lecturing and carrying on) and start posting videos and instructions on how we’ve done many of the things that interest you at Ligaya Garden.  From those suggestions, we will build irregular workshops and open days for everyone. Maybe we’ll even get a few guest experts in to help us

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What’s the New Year going to bring at Ligaya Garden? It’ll be a change to have the construction work and garden building finished. There’s always little things to do and seasonal jobs that need our attention but the heavy work is done (‘you’ve said that before`! mutters Marlon). The most urgent ‘big’ job remaining is to remove the asbestos room. That needs a professional to do it but is essential to most of our plans. Then that area will be our outdoor kitchen and extension to the teaching / entertainment area. At the moment, it’s just storage space.  We’ve pretty well got food and water under control, so we’ll let the perennials do their thing at the front and continue planting our annuals in the aquaponics bed. The chooks will be happy too, the ground covers are pretty well established and all the climbers are climbing well out of the reach of any but the most determined chook. That means

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The new workspace is coming along nicely…

Marlon and I have been pretty busy building lately. We’re offering workshops along the general theme of resilience, sustainability and creativity at Ligaya Garden pretty soon. So we took down the old shed and converted the space into an outdoor (but covered) workshop area with a solid concrete floor, excellent natural lighting and drainage. Jelina will be offering workshops in Felting, Eco-dyeing and cooking. I’ll be giving gardening workshops, Bokashi and Herbal Remedy making too. Then there’ll be 12V DC electronics at home, aquaponics and general sustainability and one on energy saving gardening, plus anything else that folks request. We’ll be making the place available for others to run their events too. Progress has been a little slow, paced around the weather, our health and of course the availability of resources (namely the almighty $$$). However, it has gone ahead steadily and is just waiting on some more shelves and a covering of shade cloth before we start inviting folks

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Food Underfoot 2018

We’ll its time for the Woodstock of Gawler amateur herbalism, Food Underfoot! On Sept 23rd at 11ish, I’ll be taking a foraging walk through Henry Chenoweth Reserve in Gawler where we will take a look at the seasonal, local, food and medicinal herbs available. Last year, if I remember correctly, we looked at Chickweed, Dandelion, Catsear, Fumitory, Black Berry Nightshade, Plantain, Petty Spurge, Nettles, Nasturtium, Sow Thistle, Milk Thistle, Castor Oil Plant, Green Amaranth, Goose foot, Wild Lettuce and Storksbill. We discussed their food value, medicinal uses, history and environmental value. It was all pretty good. Henry Chenoweth Reserve is along the South Para River, between the Gawler Community House and The Elderly Center. It’s probably best to park in the Elderly Center car park, cross the foot bridge and meet at the seating in the pic above. From there we’ll wander and frolic to our heart’s content. One note – Gawler Council contractors do spray in this reserve. That

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