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Ligaya Gardening Tips #8 Be diverse in your garden.

Ligaya Garden front yard June 2020 drone shot

DIversity makes the world go around and it can do so for your garden too.

Ligaya Gardening Tips #7 Encourage fungi

Some of our best garden helpers work unseen. Fungi are at the interface of the organic and inorganic and do so much for our gardens, even those varieties that we can’t eat

Ligaya Gardening Tips #6 the joy of perennials

Having plants that don’t need to be replanted every year can really take the effort out of many aspects of gardening.

Ligaya Gardening Tips #4 Grow Azolla

Azolla is an amazing plant. It only needs a little water, it’s a nutritious fodder plant for the chickens. We use it as a mulch for the big plant pots

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