I’ve taken up smoking!

Not the evil cigarette kind of smoking, but the kind that gives food a great taste. For my first try, I overfilled the fuel, added too many woodchips and forgot to open the vent. But, after smoking out the house (is that really a bad thing?) I got it back all under control with only the lightest of burns on my finger. I’m trying garlic and sea salt today, let’s see what happens Give it half an hour and we’ll see what I get… 29 minutes …28…27… /… 2…1…let it cool for a bit… And here we go… At first look it looks very dark and oily… And yes, it is super strong – the whole neighbourhood smells of hickory and mesquite, though neighbours have asked ‘what’s that nice smell, is Marlon cooking again’? Next time, I need to lighten up on everything… Time, fire, wood chips. The big question is ‘will Marlon cook with it’? I’ll ask him when

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My newest endeavour… Isopod breeding.

My newest endeavour… Isopod breeding. You probably can’t see them in the pic but these containers have 2 different types of Isopod in them. I’m trying to breed them for 2 reasons. First, because the chooks love them. Second, because they are crustaceans, not insects and are related to and taste like shrimp. Yes, they’re quite edible! And yes, I’ve eaten a few! Isopods include Slaters (aka Woodlice or Roly Polys) and their prolific kin. Being detritivors, they should be easy to feed with partially broken down mulch from the garden, after all, that’s where you see them living in the wilds of your veggie patch. Their wastes can then go back there, making it a nice cycle. If you look on Youtube, there are a few videos that show folks who breed Isopods for their other pets like lizards and Tarantulas and even some who breed different Isopods for their own sake. These folks seem to use expensive (i.e.

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Not everything works…

Not everything works… As pretty as it looks, this Elderberry ferment didn’t kick off. There’s no bubbles or bite to it at all, just a pretty pink. Not to worry though, I’ll just add a pinch of yeast and rebottle it! Never give up with fermentation. You can get unexpected and strange results by just fermenting the failures.

How to make a vinegar for stronger bones

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) is a herb with some ancient history. I’ll be writing a post about it soon but for now, here’s another use for it – ‘strong bones vinegar’. Mugwort contains a lot of calcium and magnesium, making it useful for strengthening bones and improving muscle function. As the two often go hand in hand, this is a good combination. A bit of caution: some folks are allergic to Mugwort, usually the same ones that have a Ragweed allergy. Mugwort can also affect pregnant women, so be careful here too please.  If this is your first time dealing with Mugwort, take precautions. Handle the fresh herb for a little, wait for a while and if you’re not sneezing up a storm  and your eyes aren’t red and watery in about an hour, you should be good to go. How to do it: Making herbal vinegars is just too easy! Here’s how to make this one… You need 2 things

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