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Online articles and post about Ligaya Garden

The SA Urban Food Network has included us in their awesome series of case studies. You can find it here.

The Adelaide Edible Gardening Trail made a video here too.

Gardening Australia can and filmed us as well and the segment was posted on Oct 1 2021

Newspaper and Magazine articles about us

The Bunyip Newspaper  –

June 26th 2018 on pg 39, we had a nice article written about us in the Sustainability section of our local newspaper, The Bunyip.

PIP Magazine

Edition 8 (with the goat on the covert). We’re on page 64 in an article called ‘Urban Abundance: Productive Small Space Growers’ by Samantha Allemann

I wrote an article, some of the words of which were included in.

SA Farmer

A great article about Ligaya Garden. We’re farmers now!

Magazine articles written by us.

Grass Roots Magazine

No. 249 Oct/Nov 2018. We’ve an article introducing us, our block and garden. It’s on page 16 and is called ‘Ligaya Garden’ by Malcolm Haines

No. 252 April/May 2019. There’s an article about the bushfood and bush medicine plants in our garden. It’s on page 16 and is called ‘Native plants at Ligaya Garden’ by Malcolm Haines

No. 254 Aug/Sept 2019. We’ve an article about keeping the house cool in Summer. Its full of great (and cheap) tips to surviving the Summer heat. Its on page 24 and is called ‘Cooling in the heat’ by Malcolm Haines

No. 255 Oct/Nov 2019. We have an Aquaponics article in this edition but the big news is that lucky purchasers get to see Jelina’s big smile on the index page! Our article is on page 61. The article is called ‘Easy Aquaponics’ by Malcolm Haines.

No. 257 Feb/March 2020. It’s on page 68. It’s called ‘Amazing Azolla’ by Malcolm Haines.

No. 261 Oct/Nov 2020. ‘Buckets of Bokashi’ is my article on page 54. By Malcolm Haines.

No. 263 Feb/Mar 2021. ‘What Weeds Tell us’ on page 55 about how to use weeds to tell you what is going on in your soil. By Malcolm Haines.

No. 264 Apr/May 2021 has an article on making potassium rich liquid fertilizers which is called ‘Make your Flowers Bloom’ by Malcolm Haines.

No. 266 Aug/Sept 2021. ‘Guaranteeing Ginger’ is on page 28 and is by Malcolm Haines.

No. 268 Dec/Jan 2021/2022. ‘Tropicals in the South’  is an article with some tips about growing tropical plants down in the South of Oz. By Jelina and Malcolm Haines.

No. 271 Jun/Jul 2022  ‘Mixing it up’ is my article on the benefits of growing a diverse range of plants in your garden.  Page 30.

No. 273 Oct/Nov 2022 ‘Fermented Fruit Fertiliser’ shows you how to make the most of spoiled fruit. It’s on page 57.

No. 275 Feb/Mar 2023. ‘Downpipes for water storage’ is on page 66.

No. 276 Apr/May 2023 ‘Edible shade’ is on pp. 52-53 by Malcolm Haines

PIP Magazine

No. 21 has an article on using coffee grounds around the garden. It was mostly written by me, then tweaked to suit the PIP style.

Australasian Poultry

Vol 32. No.3 Aug/Sept 2021 holds an article called ‘Suburban Chook Setup’ about our flock and their housing by Malcolm Haines

Jelina’s CV and academic publications.

Jelina’s CV (includes academic publication starting on page 6). Soon we’ll have clickable links on all of the articles that are available to the public.

Creative writing by Malcolm

Plague Invasion. Creative writing responses to Covid-19  edited by Carolyn Cordon. Two pieces, Co-vide (p.26) Funny thing, life (p.89)

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