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It’s the start of the mushroom season around Gawler. Every year more folks ask us about foraging for wild mushrooms and whether we give workshops and take trips to search for them. This year, the answer is ‘YES’ we will be taking a small number of folks on a forage for edible wild mushrooms. It won’t cover psychedelics, even though they we freely acknowledge their role in medicine.

You'll find plenty of Laccaria.
You’ll find plenty of Laccaria.

We don’t have a date yet, as it’s only the start of the season and I’d like to see how they’re growing before I decide on when and where we’ll go but you can be sure that we’ll let everyone know.

In light of that, I’ve updated the pages for the wild fungi listed on our Wild Fungi page. There’s new ID information, a bit of taxonomy for each and more detailed info in general. As the new season goes on, I’ll add a couple of new mushrooms and more pics too. Soon, there’ll be a page with a bit of mushroom biology and some cool pics of their anatomy for those of you who want to go deeper.

You're sure to get Saffies by the bucketful.
You’re sure to get Saffies by the bucketful.

So, if you’d like to learn about False Truffles, Laccaria, Lawyer’s Wigs, Puffballs, Saffron Milk Caps, Scotch Bonnets and Slippery Jacks, head over to our Wild Fungi page and check out the links.

All of the entries have a reference to their entry in Bruce Fuhrer’s ‘Field Guide to Australian Fungi‘ which is my go – to field guide.


So, keep an eye on this website and subscribe to our monthly email newsletter so that we can let you know when the foraging trip is.

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