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Stories of local food

Stories of Local Food is coming up soon at The Joinery in Adelaide. You can here from folks involved in food security around Adelaide. We'll be there, sans Athena.

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Tall trees

Things are always evolving at Ligaya Garden. When we started Ligaya Garden, we had no protection from the Sun on […]


Our little snippet

The Adelaide Edible Garden Trail crew sent us this link to a snippet from our segment. It’s about the space […]

Furl the sails

It looks like it’s time to furl the sails for the cool weather. We only have a narrow back yard, […]

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Gifts from (slightly) above

Having wild birds around can bring mixed benefits. We reckon there's more positive than negative aspects of having thema round. Ligaya Garden is a living ecosystem and they have their place.

Coffee uses 150 litres per cup to grow, process, pack and ship.

Thank you for your waste

Some awesome local businesses are contributing to and extracting from the local food waste stream. Here's a post about who they are and where the waste goes.

Coffee in the garden

Coffee is more than an essential food group, it has several other interesting medicinal properties.

Low pressure sprinklers for the drippers

Drippers are great at targeting the water needs of individual plants but the soil and mulch in between can easy dry out. Sprinklers on the hose is the obvious answer but that requires extra pressure, so you can't run the drippers at the same time.

A bowl of Goosefoot.

A bowl of Goosefoot

Goosefoot is a weed that has made its way into our hearts, garden and meals at Ligaya Garden

Fish Amino Acid update

It’s been more than three months since the last batch of Fish Amino Acid ferment was put down. The first […]