Fragments and weirding part 3

I’m taking a little sidestep from our progressive drilling down into the collective response to weirding to examine a particularly poignant recent phenomenon. These are times of fear and anger, but also times of great love, compassion and even sacrifice. As weirding develops along its strange and un-guessed paths and fragmentation polarizes views and opinions, it is easier to react with fear or lash out in anger. What makes us angry in these conditions, where does the vitriol of the skeptics of weirding come from? I’d like to focus on the phenomenon of radio and tv characters attacking Greta Thunberg. The attacks that these, as far as I can see, wealthy white, middle aged men have launched are out of proportion to the physical threat posed by a teenager. We have seen in the past that these, often badly informed, men are not known for backing down on their opinions even in the face of the most convincing facts and

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