Helping hands around Gawler #3 Grow Free Carts

I definitely like free things, so, over the next couple of weeks, I’m going around investigating the free stuff around Gawler. These will be things that you don’t need to sign up for, just visit anonymously. Being typically me, my focus is on free food and information. I’ll steer away from money though. These posts will be collated and listed on our page ‘Helping hands around Gawler‘. Here’s this week’s…Grow Free Carts Grow Free Carts are dotted around Gawler and its surrounds. The one we support is on Barnet Rd, outside of the deli and the old Matey’s Takeaway (which is sorely missed). The Grow Free Carts are an excellent idea, springing from the generous spirit of Andrew Barker (who’s not a Gawlerite, but he’s still OK). They are a really simple idea. Folks drop off excess or surplus food items and they, or other folks take what they need. There’s no need to give anything if you need to

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Online engagement

There is a shift happening in civil society that is giving me inspiration every day.  Folks are no longer waiting for the powers that be to provide solutions our problems, but are stepping up and doing something themselves. Almost every day I meet folks who are looking for answers in their lives, but rather than dropping out, they are engaging or re-engaging in so many ways. In the past, the only way to engage was through groups, societies and NGOs. We still had the mindset that told us that we needed to go through an authority to be able to do something. Even more foolishly, we looked to our governments for guidance… It goes, almost without saying, that the internet has been a great boon to all of us by making information accessible to anyone who can connect with it. It has allowed so many of us to connect in a different way – to connect with each other.  Now,

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