An appeal for the Al-mustafa Education Centre

These are tough times for everybody, folks all over the world are suffering. Some folks are not as lucky as others. My friend, Kaawo Jude is the director of a small orphanage in Bukaya village in Uganda.  The center takes care of, at present, 186 children, all vulnerable and neglected, from the local community. The Al-mustafa Education Centre was established in 2013 with a mission  to improve the lives of the vulnerable children, especially orphans and other neglected children from the surrounding community, The Centre takes care of children who are victims of HIV / Aids and other causes such as accidents, domestic violence most families  and other infectious diseases. The centre started with an enrollment of 50 children in 2013, and to date it has 186 children (girl – 68, boys – 118).  Kaawo and staff  give support in areas of education, social welfare, spiritual health and economic empowerment to the children. At the moment, things are very difficult

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