Literacy Backpack Philippines

  The  Literacy Backpack Philippines (LBP) project was founded early this year and the project is situated in Benolho a small town of Albuera Leyte in the Visayan region of the Philippines. The project is privately funded by two people in the hope of supporting and assisting school-age children and their family who are vulnerable, especially those that still recovering from the Haiyan Typhoon. The goal of ‘Literacy Backpack Philippines ‘ is to ensure that children who are marginalized in the village will have the opportunity to receive the ‘Literacy Backpack’,  to assist and give them a good start to their learning journey. This year, we were able to save some money and implemented the first stage of our project and celebrated Valentine’s Day  with the children and their family.   We can not afford the backpack yet so we just put our small school gift materials in a paper bag.  The paper bag contains the following: Vitamins for the kids, notebook,

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