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Ligaya Gardening Tips #9 Changing tactics for watering

Nasturtium leaves gather little galaxies of water droplets after rain.

As the climate warms, rain patterns are changing. That means more opportunities for gardeners to adapt their watering tactics.

The big cover-up

Too much rain has been overflowing the aquaponics and starving plants of nutrients. It’s been flooding the backyard too. A big cover-up is in order.

What’s next in 2021?

The big jobs are slowing down but there’s still so much to do at Ligaya Garden.

Furl the sails

It looks like it’s time to furl the sails for the cool weather. We only have a narrow back yard, just on 4 metres and it bakes in Summer. So I put up some posts and washing line cable and made 4 sails of… Continue Reading “Furl the sails”

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