We’re having babies!

Hopefully lots and lots! Baby mushrooms that is… A while back, I did a workshop at Slape’s Mushroom House and learned all about growing King Stropharia mushrooms in the garden. When I was there I bought a bunch of Blue Oyster grain spawn that I added to pasturize sugar came mulch and jammed it into 2 buckets (larger than last year’s). These stated in the laundry, getting light from the indoor hydro setup that I had already in place We had a little patch in the front yard all ready to go for the King Stropharia, but then I had to dig through it to get to a pipe that was causing trouble. That meant the mushrooms couldn’t go there. So, I pasteurized another bunch of sugarcane mulch with boiling water and put it in the largest container I had laying around. I made two airholes in the container, one in the lid and one on the end. These I

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Surviving well

They’re usually finished in the garden at by this time of Winter but the Blackberry Nightshade (Solanum nigrum) just keeps on producing flowers and juicy black berries. They often survive in patches in the parks and by the creeks until now, being a short lived perennial. We usually take ours out when they slow right down in the cold and the leaves go all brown and sick looking. This year though, they’re in for the long haul. Note: only eat the Black berries, not the green ones, they’ll make you sick. When the black berries fall right off into your hand, they’re ready.

How much can we fit into this corner?

We had a spare corner of the laundry and wondered what we could fit into it to provide food and anything else for us and the garden. The area is 1400 mm x 800 mm or 1.12 square metres. Here’s what we grow there… mushrooms (well, they’re coming) enough greens for a meal on rainy days when we don’t want to go outside… microgreens… mealworms (that tower on the side) and isopods (the tubs on the top). That’s not bad, hey?

Who’s that by the fence… It’s only me!

I scared myself today… Saw someone by the back fence who shouldn’t have been there. I had to laugh when I recognised that it was only my reflection. I found some metal reflectors attached to some fluoro light mounts a little while back and stashed them in the shed thinking, as usual ‘those should come in useful one day’. Sure enough, with a few days of grey skies I remembered that they were there and mounted them along the back of the aquaponics and onto the fence. They add a lot more light to the system and a little more daytime heat and should pick the plants up a little. I’ve just got to remember that the reflection in them as I come out of the back garden is only me!


After the recent rabbit rampage and Amelia’s on again off again residency in the garden, we’ve got some replanting do! So it was off to Bunnings yesterday where Jelina fell in love. Not with me again , not with some handsome swarthy gentleman or woman, but with Brassicas! Her favourite colour is purple, so imagine the light in her eyes when she saw all the purple seedlings! Purple heading Cauliflowers, red and purple Kales, multi coloured (including purple) Broccoli It was an impulse buying frenzy! There’s no need to have a green veggie patch any more and purple and red plants tend to have more nutrients, especially antioxidants then plain green ones. That’s all especially interesting for folks like us with small gardens who want to grow their own food – you can have your colour and eat it too 😁