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Abundance in Your Summer Garden – public workshop

The legendary Graham Brookman and yours truly will be sharing what we know about making a garden productive in Summer (or at least getting it through alive). I’ll be focusing on the smaller end with tips on small to medium sized gardens and Graham will be sharing some of his permaculture wisdom and looking at larger scale blocks.

Ligaya Gardening Tips #9 Changing tactics for watering

Nasturtium leaves gather little galaxies of water droplets after rain.

As the climate warms, rain patterns are changing. That means more opportunities for gardeners to adapt their watering tactics.

Ligaya Gardening tips #5 Blackbirds

Learning to love a garden pest.

Ligaya Gardening Tips #4 Grow Azolla

Azolla is an amazing plant. It only needs a little water, it’s a nutritious fodder plant for the chickens. We use it as a mulch for the big plant pots

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