We’re saving again!

We love to get out bills! Each water or electricity bill shows us that what we are doing is working. All of our efforts at Ligaya Garden have been successful if we look at these two common indicators. For this post, I’ll look at how your water bill in South Australia works. The electricity meters are to be read this week, so I’ll post on the power bill soon. Just a note though the water bill doesn’t reflect the actual amount of water we use because we have 6000 litres of tank storage. Rather, it shows a steadily decreasing dependence on town water use. This post and the upcoming one on power will guide you through how you can tell if your efforts at reduction are working. We haven’t sacrificed any of our luxuries, we consider our appropriate lifestyle to be stimulating and exciting. We watch TV, have Netflix and Stan, regular hot showers and great food. Jelina and Marlon

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