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Ligaya Gardening Tips #9 Changing tactics for watering

Nasturtium leaves gather little galaxies of water droplets after rain.

As the climate warms, rain patterns are changing. That means more opportunities for gardeners to adapt their watering tactics.

Bare Earth… No way! 

I’ve been sharing this pic around because it’s an unusual event in the garden. When we bought the block, the first thing we did was cover the whole front yard with layers of newspaper and about 10cm (that’s 4″ in the old measurement) of… Continue Reading “Bare Earth… No way! “

The entrance to the garden.

Finished the carport and driveway. I went with gravel so we don’t contribute as much to the urban runoff that is poisoning our rivers. The concrete at the front of bottom of the pic is the council’s handiwork.

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