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Cleaning out the grain fermentation bucket

It’s time to clean out the fermented grain bucket. It’s become a bit stinky even for my tastes but is gold around the garden. The lovely¬†microbe rich liquid that’s stinking up the place is a super food for the soil so doesn’t go to… Continue Reading “Cleaning out the grain fermentation bucket”

Ligaya Gardening Tips #9 Changing tactics for watering

Nasturtium leaves gather little galaxies of water droplets after rain.

As the climate warms, rain patterns are changing. That means more opportunities for gardeners to adapt their watering tactics.

Spirulina try #3 update

Spirulina is a true superfood. I’m having a 3rd crack at growing it.

A new mod for the aquaponics.

A simple modification to one of the aquaponics filters should resolve a problem when adding fertilizer.

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