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The Monday Post – there’s a house in there!

We had a massive prune! Not the dried fruit kind, that is, but the tree trimming one. Hopefully it will pay off and increase the yields for future years and the range of plants that we can grow in the front garden.

Tall trees

Things are always evolving at Ligaya Garden. When we started Ligaya Garden, we had no protection from the Sun on a Summer afternoon. To get relief from that, we planted our row of deciduous trees and let them grow really tall. We do lose… Continue Reading “Tall trees”

Pruning time…

I spent a bit of the last couple of days pruning the deciduous fruit trees, so the garden looks a bit bare. I’m no expert on pruning but I’ve got some good ideas over the last couple of years from visits to Joe’s Connected… Continue Reading “Pruning time…”

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