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Soil gold

It’s time to add a heap of organic material to the front garden and to think about laying in supplies for the rest of the year.

Comfrey composter update.

The leftovers.Well, it’s been about a month, so I wanted to check out what was happening inside of the¬†Comfrey Compost Tea Maker¬†that I posted about in January. The tea maker was made from 90mm PVC pipe, 1 metre long. I packed it tightly with… Continue Reading “Comfrey composter update.”

A jar of Comfrey tea

  A little while ago, I posted a Low Technology DIY showing how to make a Comfrey Compost Tea Maker. This black, odourless liquid is the result of a week of that gadget working. It’s not a lot, but is highly concentrated goodness. I… Continue Reading “A jar of Comfrey tea”

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