Ligaya Gardening tips #3 Blackbirds

We often get asked for gardening tips, so have decided to do a weekly post describing things we do to keep our garden going well with bugger all effort. I’ll collate them on this page. Here’s this week’s… Blackbirds are real characters. We love them so much that a mama bird makes her nest in a wall pot by our front door. It’s so close that if you open the security screen hard, you actually hit the pot with her babies in. Mama bird will fly a couple of metres away and sit on the fence while we are in and out but will zoom back in once we are past. She will even sit back and watch while I feed and film the little ones. It’s all good fun, but Blackbirds are known to be the bane of tidy gardeners and fresh mulch, throwing it over the cleanest of gravel paths with glee. This mulch distribution service is offered

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2 months in the straw.

My straw bale garden. It’s 2 months old today and rocking along. in
it are 2 kinds of Chinese cabbage,  silver beet, kale and a sweet potato
for luck.

Growth is OK and pests are minimal. The white plastic bag on a stick
moves with the wind, creating movement and noise. It has successfully
frightened off the blackbirds and doves that were enjoying the free
feast. Cabbage moths seem to be kept away too. Maybe it’s the white.

The only pests of note are slugs, which seem to come from far and wide to dine.

This garden used 3 bales of pea straw, some compost, some old shade
cloth, sticks and nylon line, all of which I had lying around.

I think another is in order.