Watering in Winter?

It might seem counterintuitive but late Winter and early Spring are excellent times to start your watering regime for the warm weather. Unless you garden in wicking beds, this is the time to check down into the soil to see how much moisture is held in the ground. The preoccupation with mulch that some gardeners have can be detrimental to their garden by actually preventing water reaching the subsoil. Unless designed to allow water to penetrate, mulches can absorb or even repel water falling on them. In a wet Winter, enough rain falls to overcome this but rainfall is decreasing and I reckon that in a couple of years, it may not be enough to penetrate thick mulch beds. At Ligaya Garden, we water just before it rains, even in Winter. A little water at that stage helps the rain soak in and penetrate deeper into the root zone of plants This way, the rain even helps wash away the

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Strange days

Last night the sky turned a bizarre yellow. In its own way it was beautiful, the unusual colour turning the plants in the garden into alien creatures. According to friends who follow such things it’s because the Yanks are spraying sulphur dioxide everywhere instead of slashing their greenhouse emissions. I took a few pics and a short video, so enjoy… 

Our newest additions 

People say I’m crazy to plant in this heat. Maybe I am but I can’t help it. The new arrivals are all hot weather plants that are being grown by folks in the general area. Common sense prevails in the choice of plants even if not in the timing. In the pics below, you’ll see a couple of Giant Tree Tomatoes, an Hibiscus, a Long Melon Gourd and some Tamarillos.  They’re all planted in the garden in the positions that suit them best. With a little water and worm wee, they just might make it!  Wish them luck! 

We’re still green! 

We’ve had a couple of weeks of super high temperatures and it looks like we’ve got more to come. The garden is still kicking on. There’s still a lot of cool green space within its bounds. It’s taking more water than we’d like to keep it this way so we’re changing some plants to more productive heat tolerant perennials  I took this video as a bit of a walk through. There’s no voice over, just cool green plants… 

Retrofitting for Summer

Our  next door neighbours, Steve and Donna have been having trouble with the heat. We had access to a few extra resources and were sure the community could provide more, so decided to do what we could to retrofit the front of their house to protect it from the Sun. Their place is the same as ours, the longest axis faces almost west and cops the full Sun in the afternoon in Summer with the bedroom and lounge room windows on that side. We really started a month or so back by planting rapid growing, tall, edible plants along the little strip by the bedroom windows. We had Sunflower and Corn seedlings to spare, plus some Jerusalem Artichokes thea needed removing from our garden. Next, we’ll add in some groundcover like cucumbers. The idea is to provide a bed of edible plants that will shade the soil, brickwork and windows and also add moisture to cool the are flowing into

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