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Ligaya Gardening Tips #9 Changing tactics for watering

Nasturtium leaves gather little galaxies of water droplets after rain.

As the climate warms, rain patterns are changing. That means more opportunities for gardeners to adapt their watering tactics.

It’s nice to come home

Winter’s almost over and things are starting to burst and bloom in the garden. The Calendulas always brighten up the place (did you know that their name comes from the same origin as our word ‘calendar’ and pertains to the fact that they’re around… Continue Reading “It’s nice to come home”

Aquaponics tour October 2019

A quick walk through video of the main aquaponics system for October 2019. I know its not Winter like the image says but I used the wrong title.

Last week in Ligaya Garden #6

Last week we moved a lot of the solar around, moving panels and shifting the batteries inside the house. We made sure the subsoil in the front garden was moist in preparation for Summer. Marlon and I also changed the aquaponics around a little.

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