Last week in Ligaya Garden #2

So much is happening, both here and out in the big world that we thought it worth doing a little catchup every Sunday and publish it on a Monday, Oz time. All of the posts will be listed here on this page for your elucidation and convenience. Last week in Ligaya Garden -I took up smoking. No, not the evil kind but food smoking. I’ve not had the greatest success yet, but every attempt is getting better! -The greenhouses we ordered are in transit, having left their country of origin (China, of course!). -I’m writing another article for Grass Roots magazine, this one is a quick one about our aquaponics. -We got some rain and wind and rain and rain. Lots of folks were saying that we weren’t having a proper winter… well, it’s on and still going for the next couple of days. -Someone delivered a whole bucket of young Garlic plants… Thank you! -There was a new post

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