Goosefoot is the new Spinach

​Here’s something interesting… We ignore this plant, Goosefoot (Chenopodium album) yet it contains more goodies than its relative, Spinach. I dug up a ‘weed’ from the footpath and planted it in the middle of this bed. Around it I planted more traditional vegetables and herbs, then neglected the bed, giving only a sprinkling on the hottest days. The Goosefoot is thriving, while the only the Parsley survives to keep it company. Says a lot, doesn’t it? I’ll be growing this instead of Spinach from now on. Here’s a conservative breakdown of what’s in the leaves…

Early cultures.

Milk and water Kefir fermenting away. I bought my first cultures on Ebay.

We laughed a little when they arrived in ziploc bags in paper envelopes through the post. I thought all the terrorism propaganda would have put a stop to all that!

I just added the milk kefir grains to a jar of room temperature milk, covered with a coffee filter and put them somewhere dim and warm.

The water kefir grains were a tiny bit more difficult. For them I had to make a sugar water solution (I did say a tiny bit more difficult). I added the grains and put their jar next to the milk kefir.

For a place to grow, I chose a cupboard top in the kitchen near the fridge as that stays slightly warm year round.

After a couple of days, it seems that milk kefir is more active than water kefir. There again, it’s still early days.