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The Monday Post – there’s a house in there!

We had a massive prune! Not the dried fruit kind, that is, but the tree trimming one. Hopefully it will pay off and increase the yields for future years and the range of plants that we can grow in the front garden.

What’s next in 2021?

The big jobs are slowing down but there’s still so much to do at Ligaya Garden.

Getting to Growing #2 Sunlight

The low angle of the sun makes things tricky in a small garden.

Sunlight is probably the most important ‘nutrient’ at this time of year. Here’s a few tips on how to maximise it.

My DIY bioreactor for scrubbing CO2. #3

The cold and the lack of sunlight is killing off the algae in the bioreactor. Ive added a solar garden light to extend the hours of light to see if I can pick it up a little.

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