Extending your EM solution to save $$$

  I’ve been fiddling for a while trying to work out a way to extend the Bokashi liquid that we buy from the shops. I’m happy that I’ve finally got a system that provides consistent results. It is ridiculously simple. All it takes is – 20 ml of commercial Bokashi liquid 20 ml cup of molasses 2 ml of liquid seaweed fertilizer 2 litres of filtered or rain water All you do is mix them all up, put them in a container of the appropriate size, leaving the lid a little loose, or use some other way to release the gas that builds up such as a daily ‘burping’. Leave the container in a warm place for a couple of weeks. The time will depend on the temperature – in Summer it can take only a few days. You will notice small bubbles forming on the surface. This is carbon dioxide that comes from the activities of the microbes in

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