Extending your EM solution to save $$$

  I’ve been fiddling for a while trying to work out a way to extend the Bokashi liquid that we buy from the shops. I’m happy that I’ve finally got a system that provides consistent results. It is ridiculously simple. All it takes is – 20 ml of commercial Bokashi liquid 20 ml cup of…

Afternoon shade.

These grape vines are providing nice shade on the western side of the Elderly Centre in Gawler. A cool use for an edible plant.

Funny fungi.

An amazing pillow of fungus. I don’t know what it is. It looked so delicate growing from the straw mulch that I had to touch it. The last pic shows some on my finger. It is slimy when touched and squishes easily. I was tempted to taste it. A tiny dab on my tongue let…

Mushrooms and zucchini.

Mushrooms and zucchini flowers. The beds by the front door are already yielding food. I love my zucchini flowers battered and fried but must control myself until we get some zucchinis.

Naranjilla for our garden.

A slightly overpriced, but ever so tasty, naranjilla. They go by the much more marketable name of ‘the golden fruit of the Andes’ now. This fruit is easy to grow, yeilds plenty, shades a good area and has little thorns on the leaves. A multipurpose plant indeed!