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Culture time!

There’s a lot of culture at Ligaya Garden. Not in the arts though, in jars. We’re breeding up a lot of LAB, Kombucha, Kefir, ACV and Lion’s Mane.

KSF… My favourite!

So what’s a KSF? It’s my name for one of my favourite, most economical dishes… ‘Kitchen Scrap Ferment’. It’s just chopped vegetable leftovers after a couple of meals fermented in a salt solution, but ‘KSF’ sounds pretty cool. So… How do I make it?…… Continue Reading “KSF… My favourite!”

Making a LAB culture from Yakult

You’ve all probably seen my other posts on culturing Lactic Acid Bacteria or LAB (sorry, not your sort of LAB, Athena). We culture the little fellas for our Bokashi setup. Today I thought about trying a different approach…culturing the bacteria from Yakult. For folks… Continue Reading “Making a LAB culture from Yakult”

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