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DIY White Oil

White Oil is one of the safest, most effective pesticides out there. It’s easy to make at home too, just follow the instructions in this post.

Ligaya Gardening Tips #8 Be diverse in your garden.

Ligaya Garden front yard June 2020 drone shot

DIversity makes the world go around and it can do so for your garden too.

Top Predator

It’s good to see a predator in the garden! Predstors such as this centipede indicate that there’s a good population of things for it to eat. That means bugs and often the very bugs that eat your veggies! So if you see one of… Continue Reading “Top Predator”

Vote for Keeley!

Yates are running a search for Australia’s Next Top Gardener and our friend, Keeley Mann is having a shot. Keeley is the daughter of Megan Mann who runs Red Ochre Farm, an organic farming project at Krondorf in the Barossa Valley. Hopefully, I’ll be… Continue Reading “Vote for Keeley!”

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