Surviving well

They’re usually finished in the garden at by this time of Winter but the Blackberry Nightshade (Solanum nigrum) just keeps on producing flowers and juicy black berries. They often survive in patches in the parks and by the creeks until now, being a short lived perennial. We usually take ours out when they slow right down in the cold and the leaves go all brown and sick looking. This year though, they’re in for the long haul. Note: only eat the Black berries, not the green ones, they’ll make you sick. When the black berries fall right off into your hand, they’re ready.

Grasses everywhere!

We’ve annual grasses coming up everywhere! They’re in the beds, on the footpath, by the fence – they’re all around! But not to worry…there’s no problem. Some may call them weeds and curse the extra workload that they bring but, in fact, I planted all of them. I had a packet of Canary seed given to us a while back and, rather than give it to the chickens, I decided to maximise its bounty. You see, if I gave the chooks the seeds, they would have wolfed them down without batting an eyelid. One or two feeds and they would have been gone. So, I thought that if I planted them (actually, I just threw them about the place, not exactly planted), they would grow, converting soil nutrients into biomass, absorbing a little CO2 as they did so. When grown to maturity, each plant would have a magnificent seed head of its own with many more seeds in total than

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Food Underfoot…or ‘why looking down is good for you’

  On Sunday, I took my first local weed walk, I called it ‘Food Underfoot‘. I’ve done a few walks further away from Gawler, but thought that we need to make a name for our town. I decided to host it in Henry Chenoweth Park which now has the dubious honour of having the most edible weed species of any of our local parks. Is that a good thing? It is to me! H. C. Park is a pretty, open area bordering the South Para River and sits between the Gawler Community House and the Elderly Centre. It is only 5 – 10 minutes walk from the heart of Gawler too. It is a shortcut between two parts of town and a favourite of dog walkers and cyclists. I knew it would be a bit of a gamble, with the day being on a long weekend and also the day that the football grand final was being held in Melbourne.

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