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GEC wicking bed workshop

Bubblewrap helps on windows

There’s a wicking bed workshop coming up. Your’s truly will be guiding folks through the refurbishment of the Gawler Environment Centre’s wicking bed. Their wicking bed provides a small amount of veggies all year to passersby at the Council office. Come along and join… Continue Reading “GEC wicking bed workshop”

New wicking beds

The last couple of weeks have seen big changes in the front garden. After the mulching and new paths, I was looking at what scrap material we had and found two half pickle barrels. So… I reused some of the gravel, some plastic that… Continue Reading “New wicking beds”

Winter veggie bed #1 is in

I know it’s not a lot like Autumn over here in Oz, but the plants seem to be keeping their own sage advice and are growing too quickly to leave. Even these have gotten a bit ‘leggy’. Today I prepared a wicking bed for… Continue Reading “Winter veggie bed #1 is in”

Combo plotsĀ 

A lot of plants work together nicely. In our search to save space, we’re using a group of plants (called a guild in permaculture) that works nicely where Jelina comes from. This little combo consists of Banana, Sugar Cane, Ginger and Climbing Beans all… Continue Reading “Combo plotsĀ “

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