Winter veggie bed #1 is in

The first of the winter veggie beds is planted
Winter bed 1

I know it’s not a lot like Autumn over here in Oz, but the plants seem to be keeping their own sage advice and are growing too quickly to leave. Even these have gotten a bit ‘leggy’.

Today I prepared a wicking bed for them, the one that had Tomatoes, Amaranth and Okra in it over Summer.

This bed has some old favourites now; Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Cabbages, Wong Bok and Spring Onions.

Wish them luck!

A flock of sparrows have discovered us
We need bird netting this year

A flock of friendly Sparrows have discovered the joys of our garden and, while we appreciate the bug control and free fertilizer, we would appreciate them not eating too much of our food. Hence the need for netting on everything this year.

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