Combo plots 

A lot of plants work together nicely. In our search to save space, we’re using a group of plants (called a guild in permaculture) that works nicely where Jelina comes from.

This little combo consists of Banana, Sugar Cane, Ginger and Climbing Beans all together in a wicking bed.

All of these plants grow well here near Gawler and all have shown themselves to be suited to the wicking bed approach.

I’ll be taking pics roughly once a month to see how they fare so will post them from time to time.

Plants in guilds benefit each other in different ways, some provide structure, some pest repellent properties, some produce beneficial compounds, pollination or shade.

I’m just winging this one at the moment. Jelina says it works, so that’s good enough for me. I’ll be doing my research, of course to work out why they’re mutually beneficial.

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