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It’s nice to come home

Winter’s almost over and things are starting to burst and bloom in the garden.

The Calendulas always brighten up the place (did you know that their name comes from the same origin as our word ‘calendar’ and pertains to the fact that they’re around all year).

Jelina’s been a planting flowers around the place so in Spring the place should be the proverbial riot of colour.

We’re looking forward to bigger crops of more nutrient dense food than in previous years as well. The new positions of some of the plants that didn’t do so well next year are in their best positions now.

Gotta keep everyone happy 😊


  1. Looks great! Autumn is on the way here, so our days are getting shorter and evenings are cooler. I’m dreading winter this year, with the virus curtailing activities, and no gardening to keep me and my mind busy!

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