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It’s time for the Thursday post

This week’s Thursday article is about one of our local community composting efforts- Boos Juice Gawler.

New beds (for the aquaponics that is)

A bit of DIY and some scraps and we have floating rafts in the new aquaponics bed.

Thank you for your waste

Coffee uses 150 litres per cup to grow, process, pack and ship.

Some awesome local businesses are contributing to and extracting from the local food waste stream. Here’s a post about who they are and where the waste goes.

Repair cafe

It’s on tomorrow, Gawler’s repair cafe at the council building on High Street. It’s all about the, often forgotten ‘r’, repair. It kind of fits into the whole refuse, reuse, recycle mindset. There’ll be a few of us there trying out best to get… Continue Reading “Repair cafe”

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