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Worms in water – a bioponics solution.

I’ve supercharged the bioponics and made my cleaning job easier by adding worms to each tub.

Cleaning out the worms

Every so often, the worms get a thorough clean out. Athena helps me as much as she can as we harvest all of the goodness created by some of the hardest workers at Ligaya Garden.

Thank you for your waste

Coffee uses 150 litres per cup to grow, process, pack and ship.

Some awesome local businesses are contributing to and extracting from the local food waste stream. Here’s a post about who they are and where the waste goes.

One more experiment finished

One of my Bokashi dog poo experiments has finished. It’s probably the most successful one so far. Dog poo is a curse for many gardeners, especially urban ones. It is a resource that, literally, piles up. You can bury it or compost it but… Continue Reading “One more experiment finished”

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