It’s time for the Thursday post

I’ve decided to brave Covid and get back out into the community a little more. Monday’s posts come via a cup of coffee at Cafe Sia. Of course, sometimes, I won’t be able to post from either location but I want to keep to a writing routine to improve my style and stamina as I get ready for a real effort at book writing. So… here’s today’s…

There's a smile behind that mask!
There’s a smile behind that mask!

The pic above is of Mandy, the boss at Boost Juice Gawler with whom we have a great recycling partnership. The cart is full of a week’s worth of scraps from their juice processing, we use the buckets at several venues too and are now collecting the powdered supplement bottles and the mesh Orange bags too!

I’ve posted before about where everything goes. It gets distributed around to several small, community minded, businesses that are part of our informal compost collective. You can read that post here.

The Orange mesh bags are a new thing and we are going to use them to net the fruit trees this year so that we don’t feed the birds more that we feed ourselves again. Joe’s Connected Garden have come on board since that post and are gladly taking the blue tubs too, which they use to propagate cuttings with more success than they had with their previous containers. They also take the additive containers for storing seeds. All of the containers are food grade and were used for things like Yoghurt, protein powder and Spirulina so there’s no nasties in them. We clean the tubs before use but, even better, the staff at Boost actually sanitise the extra empties that don’t get filled with scraps, making them extra useful.

What’s extra special about this cartful is the amount that’s in it. When we first started collecting, there would have been that much every two days. Now I just pick up twice a week. The quality of the fruit and vegetable waste has dropped too and that’s a great thing! When the Gawler Boost bar first opened, there were all kinds of amazing leftovers and a lot of purely liquid sludge that we just couldn’t use so it had to be dumped. Now that the team is experienced, the leftovers are minimal which means that they are more efficiently using their stock and not making any where near as much waste. That’s a good thing for any business!

We want to reuse and repurpose as much local waste as possible (without going commercial, of course) but, while we enjoy and make use of what we receive, we’re not about making waste for the sake of our efforts and really applaud our suppliers more when they DON’T supply as much! Well done Boost!

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