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New beds (for the aquaponics that is)

A bit of DIY and some scraps and we have floating rafts in the new aquaponics bed.

Winter aquaponics update

  A quick Winter update on the aquaponics system. It’s hanging in there over the cold weather with only natural daylight and no covering. The Winter has been pretty mild so far and only the Kangkong is suffering, but it’s doing better thsn expected… Continue Reading “Winter aquaponics update”

My first strawbale garden veggies.

The veggies in the straw bale garden are rocketing along. There’s even enough to share with the slugs! Pic 2 shows one of the benefits of using pea straw… free peas! Everything’s settled in after 2 -3 months, we have green veg leaves, kombucha,… Continue Reading “My first strawbale garden veggies.”

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