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Hanging cabbages for the chooks

We’re always trying to find ways to keep the chooks fed and entertained. A friend suggested hanging whole cabbages or lettuces for them to peck at. We didn’t have any whole ones but there were lots of leaves in the box of veggie scraps… Continue Reading “Hanging cabbages for the chooks”

Introducing our chooks #5 Demeter


Demeter is a force of nature, that’s why we named her after the Goddess of it.

Introducing our chooks #4 Ophelia


Ophelia is a digger, in the truest sense. She loves those worms and bugs more than greens (which is lucky for us)!

Introducing our chooks #3 Amelia


Amelia is the current boss in the chook yard but I’m sure that Demeter has her eye on the position…

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