Introducing our chooks #3 Amelia

Amelia is one of the newer girls. She came live with us about a year ago.

Where's those seedlings?
Where’s those seedlings?

We brought Amelia in to save the rest of the flock from the overly severe dominance of Dolores (who is no longer with us). She rapidly moved up in the pecking order and, with the suspicious death of Dolores became top chook.

Amelia is kind of stand-offish, but offers a gentler style of dominance to the other girls. She doesn’t lord her position over them but steps up to remind the others from time to time. She’s the first to run for freshly planted seedlings and has a very broad definition of what is edible.

Find out about our other girls and the history of the flock on this page

A family with a garden near Gawler where we experiment with sustainability.

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