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The big cover-up

Too much rain has been overflowing the aquaponics and starving plants of nutrients. It’s been flooding the backyard too. A big cover-up is in order.


The new chook run.

It was a bit of effort but the girls have a new house. Its steel and roofed and safe from predators and weather. The most important thing though is that the garden is safe from the girls!

Accidental climate

Finishing the greenhouse and moving it into place has created an unexpected bonus Where the light and heat bouncing off the rainwater tank was previously being lost over the pond, now the greenhouse traps it and keeps it in the area between the two.… Continue Reading “Accidental climate”

Greenhouse life part 1

Today, we managed to get the greenhouse wrapped. We’re pretty proud of our cable tie and duct tape efforts! The greenhouse is an old shade house frame that we were given, plus two (and in some places, three) layers of plastic sheeting with an… Continue Reading “Greenhouse life part 1”

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