Accidental climate

Finishing the greenhouse and moving it into place has created an unexpected bonus Where the light and heat bouncing off the rainwater tank was previously being lost over the pond, now the greenhouse traps it and keeps it in the area between the two. The result is a pleasant microclimate that is a couple of degrees above the norm. I’m not sure exactly how many degrees, but you can be sure that I’ll be checking!

Greenhouse life part 1

Today, we managed to get the greenhouse wrapped. We’re pretty proud of our cable tie and duct tape efforts! The greenhouse is an old shade house frame that we were given, plus two (and in some places, three) layers of plastic sheeting with an air gap between most of it. It measures 3.6m x 1.8m and is 2m at it’s highest. As you can see, the grow table is going at the southern end and the blue drums are going to be the aquaponics grow beds. The idea is that all the usual kind of green leafy veggies are going to be grown aquaponically while the space freed up in the front garden will be utilized to grow higher value, less maintenance, perennials and herbs.