We’re having babies!

Hopefully lots and lots! Baby mushrooms that is… A while back, I did a workshop at Slape’s Mushroom House and learned all about growing King Stropharia mushrooms in the garden. When I was there I bought a bunch of Blue Oyster grain spawn that I added to pasturize sugar came mulch and jammed it into 2 buckets (larger than last year’s). These stated in the laundry, getting light from the indoor hydro setup that I had already in place We had a little patch in the front yard all ready to go for the King Stropharia, but then I had to dig through it to get to a pipe that was causing trouble. That meant the mushrooms couldn’t go there. So, I pasteurized another bunch of sugarcane mulch with boiling water and put it in the largest container I had laying around. I made two airholes in the container, one in the lid and one on the end. These I

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Not everything works #2

This is Part 2 of our ‘not everything works’ series (it was originally going to be called ‘we fu&$k up too!’ ). Here’s some sterilized wheat that was inoculated with Elm and Blue Elm mycorrhizae. Only the two batches in the front innoculated cleanly. These were done in the fridge. The others done at room temperature all got green/black mold through them. Part 3 is on the way!

All during this hot weather we’ve had fungi in the garden

Lots of visible mushrooms, even though they are inedible, means good news. They pop up all over the place and that’s great! It means that we have a decent web of mycelia hroughout the soul and mulch. Mycelia are the nervous system of a garden and if they’re intact and fruiting, it means the garden is healthy. Hooray! share2steem via Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BvLeap7FkJ-/