Verge gardening video – a different way of seeing weeds

Not long ago, I got a bit annoyed when someone else complained about our verge. They said it was overgrown and untidy but all I see is beauty!

I see nature repairing the disturbed, then compacted soil of this little strip of roadside. I see plants acting as bandages, plants acting as nutrient miners, earth movers, habitat makers and water pumps.

So, I got to making a video about it and put it up on our Instagram account, @ligayagarden and it generated a bit of discussion. It did too on our Food Underfoot foraging walk last Sunday. On these walks, I don’t just discuss the food and medicinal value of the plants that we see but I also include their role in ecology, afterall, no plant is really a weed and the all have a job to do in their ecosystem. Some are so good at thir job that they take over and threaten our pretty gardens and we, derisively, call them ‘weeds’.

To fund out more about this line of thought, click on the image below to open a link that will transport you to a different way to see weeds. Of course, you can find out about many of the plants, in detail, on our ‘Wild Foods and Medicines‘ page.

Click on the picture to open the video
Click the pic to open the link

If you’re a fan of Instagram, you can see the original video here. Take the chance to follow us there too. Instagram is where we post daily about the things that we do. It’s a lot of fun, so join us!

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