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We’re saving again!

We love to get out bills! Each water or electricity bill shows us that what we are doing is working. All of our efforts at Ligaya Garden have been successful if we look at these two common indicators. For this post, I’ll look at… Continue Reading “We’re saving again!”

Weather Station Zebra

  Thanks to our friends, Peter and Ilze, we now have a Digitech digital weather station. Thanks guys! Ive mounted it on a shadehouse beam on the northern end of the house for now, to see how it will perform in out st extreme… Continue Reading “Weather Station Zebra”

Giving the garden a mind of its own

It looks like a mess and there is a little irony in the above pic. The irony is that I’m putting in sensors and all kinds of electronic bits so that our garden can monitor itself and communicate with me via my smartphone. In… Continue Reading “Giving the garden a mind of its own”

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