Last week at Ligaya Garden #12

So much is happening, both here and out there in the big world that we thought it worth doing a little catch-up every Sunday and publish it on a Monday, Oz time.

All of the posts will be listed here on this page for your elucidation and convenience.

Our new aquaponics section
Our new aquaponics section

I’m a a few days late with this, I started improving all the wiring out the back with larger gauge, three core wire and new, weather proof power points. It took a bit more effort than I thought it would and, of course, more time.

Last week was a busy week with some very changeable weather, 37°C + one day, 18 and raining next, then hot for another day, then wind and rain. At least the garden’s had a free water and the tanks are full again.

Before the rain came, I watered the garden and then transferred water from the back thank to the front, ensuri f they were filled and the back tanks could receive fresh water.

As we’re not sure about future weather it’s time to think about what we grow where. We can pretty well guarantee more heat and hot dry northerly winds, so we’re moving all of the soft plants to the aquaponics, leaving the trees and perennials on the drippers. I’ve also been planting more edible natives here and there. They’ll survive, if not thrive on the rainfall and will really enjoy any extra water we give them. So far, Chocolate Lilles and Kangaroo Grass have been planted in suitable spaces.

Vanilla Lily
Vanilla Lily

I’ve increased the size of the aquaponics system by connecting up the pipe bed along the fence. I’d been trying to balance the flow between fish tank, media beds and pipe bed but with all three running, it was difficult to get enough flow to the media beds to make the bell siphons work.

Good news too… we had a reduction on our water bill. We are 10 litres a day down on this time last year. I think it’s because Jelina has been away from home, on and off, working hard on her PhD. She has been showering some days where she was staying, so that would have knocked down our use a bit. Still, I’m happy to take credit for the drop!

There’s a whole new aquaponics system added.

That’s settling in now for a few days. I added plants today – 14 new lettuces.

Ligaya Gardening Tips #14 Grow Azolla was published.

That’s about it…

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