The switches are here!

It took a while, but they are here… switching circuits for the rainwater. Once we connect one of the rain tanks to the kitchen and toilet, we can slash our town water even further without the need to bucket the rainwater in. Along with a couple of float switches, there boards will let me wire up circuits that will monitor levels in the tank, toilet cistern and a small reservoir tank that I’ll be putting in for the kitchen. That will keep the small tank and cistern topped up with rainwater, at least through winter. That means a huge reduction in out town water use! Things will be different in the heat of Summer but I’ll work a way around that too. One step at a time.

Click! and we’re done.

  With one final ‘Click!’ the irrigation system for the front garden is complete! We have a drip irrigation system in place that runs primarily from the two rainwater tanks in the front garden. That gives us 1750 litres to play with. They are connected to the tanks at the back of the house too so that, if the front tanks runs dry, we can pump water to them. There is a secondary connection to the mains water for really dry times but hopefully we don’t need to use it too often. Because we’re in the Edible Gardens programme and recording our water use, they have supplied 4 flow meters. Two are flashy and electronic and the others are converted mains water meters. They’re connected to the tanks because, apparently, they’re better with low flow rates.     The drip system has been in for over a year, but was never maximised. We had random dirppers everywhere, mostly of the

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New water

Over the last couple of days Lon and I have moved one of the 1000 litre tanks and redone the downpipes that come off the rear roof and the carport. The car port used to run to a 300 litre tank that is now in the front garden, so the capture of rain water will be far more efficient. I recently ran 20 mm PVC pipe from the other 1000 litre tank to the newly positioned 300 litre one in the front. This way we can pump from the bigger tank to the smaller.  The smaller tank is linked directly to the front dripper system and positioned at a good height. Now we can spread 300 litres around most of the front at the turn of a tap. It doesn’t have enough pressure to run the sprinklers, but that’s why I’ve fitted them all with taps, so I can turn them off when using tank water and just use the

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